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The purpose of the Montes Family Web Site is to illustrate the rich heritage and history of my family and other families from San Elizario, Texas. I would like to give everyone that has family roots or an interest in San Elizario the opportunity to share and exchange memories, ideas, photographs, genealogical information or thoughts about their family heritage.

The Montes Family Web Site will acquire information with the purpose of documenting and posting this data for all to enjoy and benefit from. This information will appear in the icon titled, “Pioneer Families of San Elizario.” I will let everyone know when the information and photographs have been installed in this icon and posted on the web site.

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Conrado Montes

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For those related to Montes, Madrid, Garcia, Alderete, Alarcon, Aranda, Cobos, Rey, Salazar, Grijalva, Caballero, Arroyo, Loya, Pedregon and Alvillar families.

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For those with Roots in San Elizario, Texas.


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