Front cover of book (above) illustrates the following: Los Portales (Museum and Information Center currently operated by The San Elizario Genealogy And Historical Society) is shown on the top of the page. The Gazebo located in the mission town square is shown below Los Portales. Below the Gazebo is a portrait of the First American Play and at the bottom is the San Elizario Mission.

The following is taken from the back cover page of the book:

"The First American Play. Artist Jose B. Cisneros depicts the first American Play presented within the limits of what is now the United States of America. The play was composed by Captain Farfan de los Godos right at the camp, and took for its theme the coming of the Franciscans to Evangelize the natives and the success of their labors. The play was presented in the area of Socorro and San Elizario. Sixty women participated with all the finery of European and Mexican paraphernalia."