About The Author

My father, Conrado Virgilio Montes, was born in San Elizario, Texas. My mother, Rosa Gallardo was born in El Paso, Texas. My brothers Miguel, Agustin, Ignacio and Richard were all born in El Paso, as well as my sister, Rose Diane Montes-Tate.

My brothers and I are graduates of Cathedral High School and my sister graduated from Loretto Academy. All of us graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso. My brother Mike did his graduate work at University of Texas at El Paso and I completed my Masters at Santa Clara University. Rose (Rosie) Diane is the owner of the Pike Street Market in Downtown El Paso. Agustin is a Broker and Financial Consultant in El Paso. Richard is an Engineering Manager also in El Paso. Agustin and Richard have been instrumental in helping me with organizing the family website. Agustin is quite knowledgeable in family history and has always had an interest in families from San Elizario.

I have two sons, Conrad Joseph and Joel Alexander. I also have a daughter, Tiffany who lives with her family in Gilroy, California. Conrad Joseph graduated from Seton Hall University in New Jersey and lives in San Jose, California. Joel Alexander joined the Marines and is currently living and attending college in San Francisco, California. I also have a granddaughter and a grandson.

Currently, I'm doing research about families from San Elizario, Texas and continuing to develop the Montes Family Web Site. I live in Gilroy, California.

Conrado Montes
September 10, 2009