Life History of
Gregorio Nacianceno Garcia
And His Family




Gregorio Nacianceno Garcia was born in 1814, in San Elizario, Texas. He was the son of Francisco Pedro Garcia, born in 1780, in San Elizario and Josefa Ana Holguin, also born in San Elizario. Gregorio married Maria De Los Santos Alvillar in 1841. Gregorio was very prominent and was heavily involved in community affairs in San Elizario. During his life, he served as Captain in the Texas Rangers, Frontier Forces Division. He also served as a County Commissioner, Mayor and County Judge of San Elizario, Texas. He and Telesforo Montes, another outstanding citizen of San Elizario, were in-laws, friends, neighbors and associates in San Elizario during the mid to late 1800's. Gregorio and Telesforo constructed Los Portales, which was located in the town square next to the San Elizario Mission, in the 1850’s. Gregorio lived at Los Portales with his family until 1870 at which time he donated Los Portales to the town of San Elizario for use as a school. Los Portales now serves as a Museum and Information Center operated by the San Elizario Genealogy and Historical Society.

Gregorio's son, Tomas married Angela Montes, first daughter of Telesforo Montes and Quirina Alderete. Tomas served as First Sergeant to Telesforo Montes while in the Texas Rangers in 1874. His brother Carlos who married Marina, Telesforo’s daughter, was also in the Texas Rangers. Also serving under Telesforo in the Texas Rangers were his two sons, Jesus and Severo Montes. Jesus married Maria Maxima, the daughter of Gregorio.

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Original Document Listing Of The Men That Served Under Telesforo Montes.


Following is a family chart for Gregorio N. Garcia I:

Name   Born Birthplace
Gregorio N. Garcia I Head 1814 San Elizario, Texas
Maria De Los Santos Alvillar Wife 1820 San Elizario, Texas
Tomas Son 1840 San Elizario, Texas
Felicida Daughter 1847 San Elizario, Texas
Carlos Son 1848 San Elizario, Texas
Maria Maxima Daughter 1850 San Elizario, Texas
J. Secundino Eucaris Son 1852 San Elizario, Texas
Lecuirdisco Son 1854 San Elizario, Texas
Gregorio Nacianceno II Son 1856 San Elizario, Texas
Juan Son 1859 San Elizario, Texas

The Garcia Family


Romana Sanchez



Maria Del Refigio Hernandez
13 Years old





The Garcia Brothers:
Francisco B. standing,
Santos on the left,
Jose Gregorio Nacianceno on the right.

Gregorio's son, Gregorio Nacianceno II married Romana Sanchez. Romana's picture is on the left. Gregorio Nacianceno Garcia II served as County Commissioner of San Elizario in 1900.

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Jose Jesus Montes and Romanita Madrid Wedding Picture.

Regarding wedding picture: Standing from left to right are: Elceario Martin Montes, Gregorio Nacianceno Garcia II, Jose Jesus Montes, Romanita Madrid, Francisca Garcia Alarcon and Angela Montes. Elceario and Angela are brother and sister and their parents are Severo Montes and Delfina Alarcon. Severo is the son of Telesforo. Francisca is the daughter of Gregorio Nacianceno Garcia II. Jose Jesus is the son of Jesus Montes and Maria Maxima Garcia. Romanita is the daughter of Manuel Madrid and Eloisa Aguirre. Everyone in the picture was born in San Elizario, Texas.

Following is a family chart for Gregorio N. Garcia II:

Name   Born Birthplace
Gregorio N. Garcia II Head 1856 San Elizario, Texas
Romana Sanchez Wife 1857 San Elizario, Texas
Porfira Daughter 1875 San Elizario, Texas
Francisca Daughter 1876 San Elizario, Texas
Santos Son 1879 San Elizario, Texas
Francisco B. Son 1880 San Elizario, Texas
Jose Gregorio Nacianceno Son 1882 San Elizario, Texas
Romana II Daughter 1884 San Elizario, Texas

Gregorio N. Garcia II and Romana Sanchez had six children. Their son, Francisco B. Garcia married Maria Del Refugio Hernandez (Mama Cuca). Maria's picture is on the left. Francisco's picture is also on the left where he is shown standing. Francisco's brother Santos is on his right and his other brother Jose Gregorio Nacianceno is sitting next to Santos.

Following is a family chart for Francisco B. Garcia:

Name   Born Birthplace
Francisco B. Garcia Head 1880 San Elizario, Texas
Maria Del Refugio Hernandez Wife 1890 San Elizario, Texas
Alfonso Son 1905 San Elizario, Texas
Lucratia Daughter 1907 San Elizario, Texas
Lydia Daughter 1911 San Elizario, Texas
Daughter 1914 San Elizario, Texas
Judith Daughter 1917 San Elizario, Texas
Maria Feliza Daughter 1921 San Elizario, Texas
Victorina Daughter 1924 San Elizario, Texas
Francisca Daughter 1934 San Elizario, Texas

The son of Gregorio Nacianceno Garcia II, Jose Gregorio Nacianceno married Ana Maria Carreon. Jose's picture is on the left.

Following is a family chart for Jose G. N. Garcia:

Name   Born Birthplace
Jose Gregorio N. Garcia Head 1882 San Elizario, Texas
Ana Maria Carreon Wife 1891 San Elizario, Texas
Romana Maria Daughter 1918 San Elizario, Texas
Jose Gregorio Nacianceno II Son 1920 San Elizario, Texas
Andres Son 1924 San Elizario, Texas
Maria Teresa Esperenza Daughter 1926 San Elizario, Texas

The Garcia family that began with Francisco Pedro Garcia and Josefa Ana Holguin in the late 1700’s has a magnificent history in San Elizario, Texas. Archives have shown that they were active in community affairs and interested in the welfare and development of San Elizario. The Garcia family will always stand out as one of the most famous and prominent pioneer families that came from San Elizario, Texas. I am proud to be the great, great grandson of Gregorio Nacianceno Garcia I and Telesforo Montes. I am also full of pride to have my roots in San Elizario, Texas.




Conrado Montes
August 10, 2003